Trade Process Stuck on Step 2 (Wait until payment has started)

Hello, unfortunately my Bitcoins cannot be released although I have already received the payment.

It depends on step 2!
I opened a dispute but wanted a quick trade and have to wait days now !!!
How can I get my deposited money back now !!!

I have the latest version

Hey, so you received the payment in $ and you confirmed that you received it in Bisq? but it wont move past “Payment received” ? Can you DM me a screen shot of the trade please?

Also, if you are dealing with a mediator then that’s great keep working with them they will get this resolved.

This can happen for numerous reasons. Although connection issues are most likely the culprit. I’ve made a dozen trades in the past 2 weeks and none have failed. So this is quite uncommon.

Hello, I received the payment and then opened a dispute with CTRL + O!

But now I need my deposited money and the seller also needs his money from the escrow!
I have recesived the payment cann this not marked.

From the screenshot, your peer needs to click the “payment sent” button before you can mark the payment as received. Maybe your peer already pushed the button but the message of this action wasn’t received correctly. Make sure on the chat if he already pushed the “payment sent” button.
In that case, you should use the “refresh trade” button that should have already appeared or will appear soon, it’s there to solve this issue, it will make you receive again your peer’s messages.

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