Trade stuck after payment confirmed

In a trade, everything was working fine. The buyer sent the money, the seller confirmed by chat that the money arrived, but the app says to wait for the seller confirmation.
Any solution?
Thanks in advance for the help.

The problem seems to be that the seller didn’t receive the message confirming the payment is done.
Any help, please.
Here, the seller screenshot.

That’s a known bug. You’ll need help from mediator, you can open now a mediation ticket by pressing Ctrl+O.
Let the mediator know that seller has received the money so they can make a suggested standard payout quickly.

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Thanks. We did it but still no answer. In a couple of hours the time for the trade ends.

Mediators can take up to 48h to reply. Once mediation is opened for a reason like this, trading period has not much effect, don’t worry about it.