Trade "stuck" and the other guy doesn't seem to respond...

I’ve used Bisq since 2018. I’ve made numerous trades to buy Bitcoin for fiat. With one exception (when it had not even started yet – I’m foggy on the details), every trade has been successful and without any problems of any kind. No conflicts with any trader. Until yesterday (or technically still today in my timezone).

I looked at my bank account, looked at the available Bitcoin trade offers, saw that I had enough money for one of them (0.01 BTC), took the offer, transferred in the required Bitcoin to the Bisq wallet, accepted the offer, and once I was logged in to the bank account, I noticed that a monthly automated payment had somehow taken place several days before its usual day this time, meaning I don’t have enough money for the trade. The next “fiat input” to the account will be in like 20 days, so it’s no use waiting for that for this trade.

I explained this politely to the other person using the chat feature, waited hours, and eventually had to go to bed. I’m back now and they have not responded nor aborted the trade. I see no button or any way for me to request the abortion of the trade myself. The only thing was an unclickable link to this forum.

I don’t know what to do now. I’ve never sold Bitcoin so I don’t know what their screen looks like, but I assume that they have some kind of “Request trade abortion” button or something which, if they click it, will allow me to agree to it and then the trade is removed.

That is: I have not clicked the “Payment started” button, since I was unable to start the payment due to the surprising lack of funds in my account.

It says “5 days, 9 hours, 2 minutes” remain. If they won’t respond, do I really need to wait that long and then have it “expire”? That seems like it would not be good for my account’s “reputation”, if such a thing exists. (I assume it does.)

All three of my chat messages have a little green text underneath saying: “Message arrival confirmed by receiver”, so it seems to me that they are not offline/gone.

What do I do now?

You can open mediation before the end of trading period with Ctrl+O, you’ll need a mediator to make a mediation suggestion that both of you accept.
You’ll have to pay a penalization (which will be discounted from your security deposit) for not being able to settle a trade.

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