Trade stuck at “wait for blockchain confirmation”

Trying to sell BTC.

I attempted to open a support ticket within the application (Ctrl+O), and it asked for the deposit transaction. But there is none.

Trade ID: 18085692-7cd8f76e-d070-4b02-97a5-f38ff0965f60-080
Maker fee transaction ID: 66ff934ac688d127d1beafc4f6f9baf38b5e9561e8d392b3760f9d3c8ab25974
Taker fee transaction ID: 51a15a6307eaf537e2bc7687844635e8d91fee71656490d462d52c2d44c13afe
Selected arbitrator: 3b7cft5k4ae6a236.onion:9999


  • are you the maker of the offer or the taker ?
  • at which time (roughly) did the trade start ?

@keo’s trade.
Not sure what could be the issue, but since there is no deposit transaction, your security deposit should still be in your wallet.

im the maker of the trade.
my offer was taken at 2018-10-17 16:48:20.

still waiting for confirmation.

I don’t see this trade in my dispute list, thus I cannot do anything. If there is no deposit tx published then only the fees left the wallet and that is not a big sum. I think you should open a ticket on GitHub and you will probably be reimbursed for the fee by Chris. If the buyer sent fiat you should send it back. You might have to resync your wallet by deleting the SPV-file under Settings-Network Info.


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i might have the same problem. i got a message saying something like “lost connection to taker” and now the trade is stuck, waiting for blockchain confirmation. should i open a dispute?

Check if all 3 txs are broadcasted to the network first.
Maker fee, taker fee and deposit tx.

You can use bitaps as an explorer for these things, but use Tor when you use block explorers.

where do i see deposit tx? i think it didn’t broadcast.

Both maker and taker fees need to be broadcasted first, then it should be listed in trade details.

ok, fee txs are there, deposit not. i go delete the spv file?

You can try, but not sure if it will help.
Try opening a dispute after you try deleting the spv file, if that is what you decide to do.

can’t find the deposit tx to open a dispute. there is no multisig tx following the fee tx.

did you delete the SPV file or not ?
(warning: be aware that, if your wallet is old, deleting the SPV file make take several hours and use a lot of CPU)

i did, nothing changed after resyncing, the stuck trade still shows up.

I assume deposit never left your wallet then. Does it show up in reserved balance in Bisq?
If you want, you can withdraw your coins with a cmd+e if regular way doesn’t work.

Then you can contact cbeams for your lost trading fees.