Trade stuck before step 1


Will try to locate them a bit later when I have more time.

Arbitrator onion address: “my4t3kedin7k63a6.onion:9999”


my4t3kedin7k63a6.onion:9999 = @arbitrator1 (ping)


I just want to add that the amount of BTC that should be sold including security is seemingly available in my wallet. I would assume it should be reserved or locked, since my offer has been taken (don’t know, because this is my first trade, but the amount was reserved and unavailable after I published my offer)?


Another trade failed under the same circumstances. Restarting doesn’t help. Opening a dispute doesn’t work. For this trade my BTC disappeared (not in my wallet, not reserved, not locked).

All BTC used were in my bisq wallet (it had sufficient funding to fully cover both failed trades independently).

arbitrator: “s6yrrpezc3zp6biy.onion:9999”

Timeout error when taking offer

There are alas chances that your trades are blocked due to the running scam.
Better stop piling up attempts over attempts.
Bisq devs are working to correct that, but this situation will probably last 2 more weeks.

We cannot (re)explain the whole situation to each impacted user.
So, please read about what is happening here on the forum and on the github.
If the blockage is on your side, the best is to stop trading until the next release.

Sorry for the annoyance.


Clearly I currently won’t risk any more BTC with bisq. Luckily my vanished BTC have now reappeared in my wallet.

I already understood that there’s a scam blocking attempt going on. But the observed behavior does not resemble an outright blocking of trades - the trade is initiated and bank data are revealed. Subsequently the taker fee transaction is not initiated / fails.

Please note that due to whatever (other) bug described above I cannot even open a dispute from within the application - this is pretty frustrating, since I would like the buyer to know at least that the trade is not held back because of me.

You requested a log excerpt which I posted. Any insights from that?

I think it is not right to blindly assume that all transaction problems are caused by the ongoing scam blocking. At least the inability to open a dispute described above clearly is a bug.
Please also note that the original issue was raised long before the scam blocking took place. So could very well be a bug as well.

Edit: Log file excerpt deleted due to privacy concerns. Same unredacted excerpt was sent to Manfred.

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Why you cannot open a dispute with cmd+o? If you get asked for a deposit tx select a random one in the list as there is none created. Once the dispute gets closed your wallet and UI state gets cleaned up.

Please understand that this is an emergency situation and I recommend to pause trading until the next release is out with more protection tools. We blocked certain countries and Interac to avoid that the scammer can create more damage. Hope you understand…


Sorry, but did anyone giving advice actually read what was posted here?

It is impossible to open a dispute from within the application, because:

Pressing crtl+o opens a window, but when I click the button “Open Support Ticket” the window closes and nothing happens.

There is nothing to select.

Edit: Hearing the same advice which can not be executed over and over again makes me feel insane.


Look at the log file for any errors.

Your arbitrator is @keo , you can message him your trade ID and ask him if he might seen it go to arbitration at one point. Perhaps he can reopen a ticket if it was.


I have the same problem as well. The deposit has flowed but is not shown in the top right. Can not open a dispute. I’ll just wait until the next software update or the trading partner reports. Trade ID: wsyvdcjs


Why does nobody giving advice here actually read?

  1. I can NOT open ANY support ticket from within bisq. Pressing crtl+o opens a window, but clicking the button “Open Support Ticket” just closes this window and subsequently NOTHING HAPPENS.

  2. I already posted an excerpt of the log file here (later deleted, because nobody cared) and sent one to Manfred, but nobody commented (or did even read it).

  3. Everybody blindly assumes that the stuck trade phenomenon and the inabillity to open any support ticket from within bisq are caused by the scam blocking, without even considering these could very well be bugs.

  4. I also contacted the arbitrator in case of the first stuck trade via PM - I did not hear back from him.

I will PM keo, but you will understand that my expectation of getting actual support is pretty much zero.

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Posting again the two redacted warnings from my log file, that could have something to do with the stuck trade phenomenon - but most likely not with the failure of opening a support ticket.

Here “b.c.b.w.WalletService” says that it could not “cast this script to a pay-to-address type”:

Apr-… …:…:… [JavaFX Application Thread] INFO b.c.b.w.WalletService:
prepared depositTx:

in 0… BTC (…)
outpoint:…:1 hash160:…
in PUSHDATA(71)[…] PUSHDATA(33)[…] 0… BTC (…)
outpoint:…:1 hash160:…
out HASH160 PUSHDATA(20)[…] EQUAL 0… BTC (…) ScriptPubKey: … Address:…
out RETURN PUSHDATA(32)[…] 0.00 BTC (0) ScriptPubKey: … Address:[exception: Cannot cast this script to a pay-to-address type]
out DUP HASH160 PUSHDATA(20)[…] EQUALVERIFY CHECKSIG 0… BTC (10000) ScriptPubKey: … Address:…
fee 0… BTC for … bytes (… Satoshi/Byte)

In addition there are repeated warnings of ths kind:

Apr-… …:…:… [JavaFX Application Thread] WARN depositTx is null

So what exactly could be the problem?

edit: Before anybody asks for the 10th time: Yes, I’m using bisq 1.0.1.


… silly us.


I don’t know if your collectivist generalization is applicable. But trolling support requests of users of a software project you claim to be a contributor is pretty silly.

Taker fee transaction ID does not exist (x3)

Maybe you’ll have better luck here

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The difference between this issue and my problem (and of two others in this thread) that the reporting user marian001 can apparently get to a selection dialog and open a generic support ticket.
This is not possible in my case. The window opened with crtl+o just closes after clicking “Open Support Ticket” and I’m back at the main screen. So I can not select anything.

So I guess I have to register at github and file two bug reports (one for the trade stuck before step 1 and one for the not opening support ticket selection dialog).

Edit: Investigated further and opened first issue on github:

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I am sorry I haven’t read through everything carefully before trying to help.

I see now that you said that taker fee didn’t get broadcasted to the network or at least wasn’t confirmed and was forgotten by the Bitcoin network. This means there was no deposit transaction that occurred and no funds left your Bisq wallet.

You should be able to withdraw your funds with cmd+e from Bisq and create a new data directory and start from scratch. If you have troubles with Bisq displaying the right balance, you can try deleting the SPV chain file in Settings.

Feel free to ask for any more help on this forum if needed.

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The funds reappeared in my wallet already, That’s not the problem.
The problem is that the other party may not know what’s going on - esp. considering my bank data have already been revealed (imho this should only happen after step 1 is successfully initialized). What if the other party sends fiat and claims fulfillment of the contract at a (much) later point in the future?

(The other problem is that the complete inability to open any dispute from within the application (crtl-o-window just closes) seems not to be considered a bug, while it clearly should be.)


Tomorrow will be a new release which has a fix for the issue that you might not be able to open a dispute.

Also the bans of certain SEPA countries and Interact will be removed soon and the release will come with certain protection to allow us to unblock those. Please update as soon as possible!

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I’ve updated and now I’m able to open support tickets. Great! Thank you!