Trade stuck in 'tech support'

I decided to give Bisq a shot and took an offer, paid the coins and payment message was received by the maker. An hour or so later the other party opened a support ticket on that trade for ‘technical problems’ and i had to ‘wait for further instructions’.
It’s been almost a week and i still haven’t received any instructions and my coins are still locked in the trade. I sent a message twice to the arbitrator but no reply. Re-opened the ticked, still no reply.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hello kwukduck ,
Since you opened a ticket, you should be able to see the onion address of your arbitrator.
Can you please give us the onion address of your arbitrator for this trade.

btw, which Bisq version are you using ?


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Can you post the arbitrators onion address and your trade ID? The onion address u see when u click on the trade ID to open the details window.