Trade stuck in wait for blockchain confirmation

I see deposit transaction ID confirmed in Blockchain but not in bisq status. I’ve opened a support ticket but arbitrator is not responding. What happens if the arbitrator doesn’t response and the maximum period of a dispute days expires?

there’s no timer running once a ticket has been opened. so you simply have to wait until the arbitrator responds

Generally arbitrators answer in 24h/48h max.
(otherwise means that there are issues with the messages propagation).

Is your deposit transaction ID still not in the bisq status ?

Yeah, if it’s been more than 24h, assume that there was a bug and state your arbitrator’s onion address on this forum.

Same thing


It appears to be a bug.
Arbitrator did respond and the support case was closed with Summary notes:
The trade fee transactions did not lead to the deposit tx, so no deposit tx has been created.

Is this mean, I’m just out of Maker and tx fee?

apart from the maker and tx fee, is the rest of your wallet/balance ok ?

If you think you should be reimbursed, the procedure is to ask for reimbursement at
Look at the closed issues to see the format to use.


Yes, wallet balance looks fine. Thanks for the link, just made a request for the maker fee reimbursement.

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