Trade stuck on “Waiting for blockchain confirmation”

I transferred the Bitcoin and its been 3 days ago and all I have is “Waiting for blockchain confirmation”

Maker and Taker transaction ID is valid and can be viewed from bitaps
Deposit transaction ID: “N/A” for some reason

I have restarted Bisq client couple of times, with respect to a couple of topics around this being related to setting low transaction fees etc.
Remaining time on the trade seems to update itself to 1 day forward!!

Is there a way to get past this? As this has been 3 days, how can I cancel this trade and refund the deposit?

Thanks in advance

Hi, to share personal details like trade ID and faster response, use the Keybase # support channel.

With deposit transaction ID: N/A I think that you have a failed trade which can’t be completed because the deposit transaction failed.
Submit a fee reimbursement request here: