Trade stuck?

I might need some help.

I created a buy-order for 1 BTC (0323643-c) and someone in Latvia accepted to sell his/hers coin to me.
I made the payment and after some days, the seller opened a support ticket.
A little while later, I got this message in the open support ticket:
“the peer had a bug but confirmed receipt. i will close”.
“Summary notes: seller had bug with deposit tx=null”

Now, four days later, the trade is still open and in state “Wait until payment arrived”. No coin has arrived. I’m not getting it. If the payment is confirmed, why is the coin not released? What do I miss?

So, I have no option to open a support ticket (Open Dispute) to find out why delivery of the coin is not done since that button is inactive. Probably since there is only room for one dispute per transaction?

It is 13 hours left on the trade. Is there anything that I can do or is waiting another 13 hours the right option?
Thanks for a really good product! :slight_smile:

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I will have a look. maybe both peer have not been online or the message did not arrive. I will re-open and close again.

The payout was already done. i sent you a msg in the chat and closed again. Hope it worked now.

All is OK. Thanks for a really superb support!! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your patience and understanding!