Trade Timed out and funds still locked

On 15 April I took an offer (Trade ID: 55503515) to sell .1102 BTC by SEPA.

The buyer never started the payment. I opened a dispute after 4 days because I started to see the pop-up message on Bisq about charge-backs and a scammer on the Bisq network.

The arbitrator responded and said he would ask the buyer to start the payment. Then sent another message to say that the buyer was going to start the payment now.

The buyer never started the payment and now the arbitrator is not responding to messages either.
The time has now run out on the trade and there is still no payment. This last six days has been a complete waste of time.

Can somebody please return my funds and end this?

You need to be a bit more patient with Bisq.
You generally shouldn’t panic and open tickets before the max trade period runs out, unless you have some specific reason (like a bug or devs said that account is a scammer specifically).

How long has arbitrator not responded?

Hi Alexj996

Last response was 19 April

Like I said in my previous post, I opened a ticket because I got a pop-up message about a scammer and the buyers account was less than one week old.

I do not see why somebody would post an offer then not bother to send the payment when it is taken. Then tell the arbitrator that they are starting the payment now and still not make the payment.

This is just wasting peoples time.

You do realize that most banks in EU do not work this weekend including friday and monday?
So we have a 4 day weekend where no money will be deleivered with SEPA because of easter holidays.

It seems to me you expected to see some money today, but if the buyer send the money during the weekend it will be in your bank account at earliest tomorrow.


The buyer has not started the payment.
The trade has timed out.
Six days have passed since the offer was taken.

Open a dispute, if button is not displayed use cmd+o.

Hi Manfred
Thank you for your reply.
As I have mentioned in my first post, I have already opened a dispute.
The arbitrator has responded again a couple of hours ago and said that the buyer has now said that they have made the payment.

I have still not received any payment and the bisq application is still telling me that I need to wait until the buyer starts the payment.

The only thing that I can think of is that the buyer may have started the payment very late in the process and it still has not reached my account yet because of the bank holiday and they also forgot to click the button on the bisq application to let the application know that they sent the payment. This is unlikely though.

It has now been 7 days since I took the offer and there is still no payment in my account.

Once a dispute is opened the other party cannot click any more buttons in the portfolio where he usually would click the “payment sent” button. The button is not available to him anymore. The arbitrator manages the trade from the point that the dispute is opened and the arbitrator will release the BTC once the money arrives in your bank account.

So its actually the most likely case, that the money is on your way to you and because of holidays it just didn’t arrive in your Bank account yet. Just be patient.

Hi NCKoeter

The funds have finally reached my account today.
The problem here was that I took the buyers offer on Monday 15 April and they did not start the payment process until Friday 19 April which was just coming into the bank holiday weekend.

I am not sure why there was a need to wait so long after their offer was taken before starting the payment process with just two days remaining especially before a bank holiday weekend.

The reason that I opened the dispute was due to the pop-up message from Bisq warning about a scammer using new accounts and the buyers account was under 1 week old and not due to impatience.

Anyway, thankfully the trade is complete now so thank you to everyone for your advice.

Glad to hear it all worked out in the end :blush:

OK, even though the payment has reached my bank account and yesterday I told the arbitrator that the payment reached my account and he said OK,

both the trade and the dispute have not been closed.

There is no way for me to do this so I think the arbitrator has to do it.

Does anybody know why it would still be opened?

There has been some chargeback activity recently on Bisq, so arbitrators are maybe delaying releasing the BTC if the buyer’s account is young.

You should ask your arbitrator though, just to be sure, if he doesn’t do anything in next 24h.

Hi alexj996

The arbitrator has been in contact and he has explained that the trade has been held up because the buyers account is new and because of the recent events on the Bisq platform involving the scammer.

Hopefully the buyer is aware of this too and understands what is happening because I feel bad that the trade is delayed for him too, especially if he is genuine.

Sadly when bad actors decide to scam a system it has an effect on everybody.