Trade timed out, lost taker security deposit

I accepted an offer to buy bitcoin, but it timed out after I funded the trade from my Bisq wallet. The error message is “A timeout occurred.”
The trade now shows up in my portfolio under the “Failed” tab with a status of :TAKER_FEE_PUBLISHED". But the balance on my wallet is now .01 less than it was before. The trade ID is mglrlhd-a070be02-a4fc-4d43-90d4-c9641ead72e5-080

The arbitrator is 3de2y2bhifakoa7m.onion:9999. Could someone have a look?


You should still be able to access your deposit with cmd+e.
Funds likely never left your wallet.

Other than that I would suggest that you try opening a dispute with cmd+o.
And if you wish to look more deeply into the problem, you can look at the txids related to your trade. Such as taker fee, maker fee, deposit tx and look them up using a block explorer such as Bitaps.

Thanks Alex, I didn’t know about the cntrl-e tool, it does show the correct balance. But it says that all open offers will be closed, and I’d rather not close out the offer I’ve posted.

cntrl-o doesn’t seem to open a dispute from the state that this trade is in; nothing happens when I press cntrl-o.

You might have to close the offer if you can’t recover your funds any other way or at least that would be most reliable way of dealing with the issue.

Have you tried clicking on the trade first, before pressing cmd+o?
Make sure it is selected before you press it.

Otherwise if you can’t get it to work, you might want to wait for those other offers and trades to be over and recover your funds later. They will be safe and sound in your wallet until then.

I’m the taker in the trade, not the maker. I can’t close it, there are no options at all, It shows up just like a completed trade, only showing information, but not allowing any action. Highlighting and pressing cntrl-o doesn’t do anything.

I’ll just wait for the other trade to be accepted, then use cntrl-e, I guess.

So if you have a pending trade from that timeout, check if the transactions have been successful. When you click on the trade ID u see the trade details with the 2 trade fee txs and the deposit tx. If all 3 are found in a block explorer the trade was ok.
If you PM me a screenshot of the trade and the 3 tx IDs I would get a more clear picture to help.

Only the “taker fee transaction” has been successful. I’ll send a PM with screenshot, thanks for looking into it!