Trader unresponsive how do I close transaction?

I am buying BTC and I entered the seller info into Zelle but his info is not showing up at all. I tried contacting the seller via the trader chat but he is not replying at this point I’d rather just close/cancel the transaction but I can’t seem to figure out how to do that nor can I figure out how to contact a mediator.

Use ctrl+O to open a dispute with a moderator.

Thanks it worked!

Thanks, just don’t use this shortcut if you’re not sure that moderation is really necessary.

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Well me and the seller both agreed we want to cancel the transaction kind of crazy how there is no option on either end for us to do so. With that being the case I really don’t have a choice but to call for a mod because waiting 4 days for it to close on it’s own is kinda of ridiculous.

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Yes, get a moderator suggest the payout to cancel the trade.