Trader with trade ID 51929 please respond in the dispute

I have a case with a trader not responding.
Trade ID: 5192918-63f03228-8cf4-4128-9ff5-a086ff2b32ae-095

I can be that he never received the dispute message due to network issues (see Restart your app at least once a day to avoid missed P2P network messages).
So if you are the BTC seller of that trade please get in touch.

I understand giving someone the benefit of the doubt if there are Bisq network issues, but I emailed the guy on March 10.

I have provided proof of payment, he has done nothing except demonstrate why most people cannot be trusted.

So is that your trade? Please respond in the dispute case, otherwise you risk to lose your security deposit.

I’m the buyer. I’m the only party engaging on this fricken trade!

Please use the Bisq dispute chat.

Ah sorry, I though you was the not responding peer.