Traders of trade with ID 28914 please respond in the dispute

Traders of trade with ID 28914-76f38956-7553-49ce-b2a1-a9c81d30bd44-093 please respond in the dispute. I did not received any response from both traders. I will leave it open until at least one respond.

I am the seller for this trade. I released the Bitcoin payment to the buyer and my internet connection suddenly died at exactly the same time. Once my internet connection returned, Bisq appeared to show everything normal, so I cleared the rest of the transaction to my Bisq wallet, and didn’t log into Bisq afterwards, as I assumed everything was normal. This is why I didn’t see the support ticket until now.

I assume what happened is that the buyer didn’t get funds released until the expiration, at which point he opened the support ticket, but afterwards the contract was released and he did get his funds, and likewise hasn’t logged back in since. Perhaps the buyer can confirm this?

I’ve sent basically the same information via the support system.

Thanks for getting back. I just released it but you need to go online with Bisq to get the tx finalized. You should see the tx then in funds/tx. If it did not work out, get back here in the Forum as in the Bisq app you cannot communicate once the ticket is closed.

Yep, just did. Cool. Let me know if you need anything further.