Trades status - in History

I have a trade in History, with a Status of Completed.

Long story… but the trade actually went into Mediation, and was ultimately Cancelled. Confirmed via the Funds->Transactions screen, that the payout, fees, deposits are all consistent, and correct.

Is there a way to correct the Status? I don’t want to waste the time to sync the SPV file to find out that that doesn’t fix it. Any ideas?

The trades in History are stored in the ClosedTrades in db folder of data directory, and that file is in a format which is not editable, at least not easily, by the user; on the other hand, if all txns in trade details are correctly reported, I don’t expect a SPV resync to help, as there is nothing wrong that needs correcting.
What is the problem arising from having that mediated and cancelled trade in history?

FWIW, I did a SPV resync, for a different issue. And, as conjectured, it did not resolve the issue.

I worked around it. Ideally, the history, should reflect the true outcome of the trade.