Trades stuck in mediation and legacy arbitration

I have several trades stuck, one in mediation 22 august 2019.
In legacy arbitration field there is 1 trade from 16 april 2019 stuck, 1 trade from 21 august 2019 stuck, and lastly 4 trades from 22 august 2019 that are stuck.

So, what do I do now?

What scam? The trades are months old, I believe the mediator/arbitrator has abandoned the tickets. I can not finalize the orders, all I can do is open a support ticket, which is where I am stuck. Bisq sends me warnings every time I sign in and telling me I have locked funds from a failed trade, and tells me to open a support ticket. In those tickets chats, I can not write anything, every message I send doesn’t get registered in the box.

For the only trade I can choose to finalize the order, when done so, I recieve another type of error message. “An error occured at task” "To help us improve the software please report this bug by opening a new issue at

These are all stuck in multisig,and now I want this solved

Go to Keybase Bisq #support group to talk with mediators.

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