Trades timing out on bisq and bitcoin balance down


I just decided to give bisk a try today. I have transferred over 0.0625 bitcoin and attempted to make a trade.

Each time it timed out and has taken almost the entire amount i deposited.

Can anyone help me to resolve this issue?
Is it possible to recoup the lost bitcoin and make an actual trade?


Are you running the latest Bisq version 0.7.1 ?
There were important fixes for timeout issues in that version.

Yes, don’t worry about your funds. You bitcoins never left your wallet and you should still be able to withdraw them using an emergency wallet tool by pressing cmd+e.

Do you have stable internet? Do you have a local Bitcoin core running? If so it must not be in pruned mode as that would not work with Bisq.

Thanks the emergency withdrawal worked! Just lost out in some fees.
The app I downloaded from would not work so I was running bisq from source on mac, build was fine but had timeout issues.
Internet is stable, no bitcoin core running do you need to?
I think I will use local bitcoins for the moment.

No, there is no need to have a bitcoin core running.
(It’s just that some users have also a bitcoin core, and there may be issues with this kind of configuration)

I think you need to checkout the tag of the latest version in git before you compile it.
Try running “git checkout v0.7.1” before you start the compilation process.