Trading account to buy?

When buying why do I need to have trading account with the same payment method as the seller if I can just deposit cash or make a wire transfer to the sellers account? For example: If I have the IBAM of the seller I can send to it via a wire transfer from anywhere in Europe or from the USA. Its obvious that we need to setup a trading account to receive FIAT, but to send FIAT its not clear why its required, it seems its just adding friction and decreasing liquidity.

We need to take care that the payment methods is sufficiently safe regarding chargeback. Wire or international transfer is very expensive (20-50 USD) so thats why we did not add it yet, but might come once there is demand for it.

With the price of BTC at $2,300 a wire tranfer at $20 is cheap, anyway that would be a financial consideration for the buyer who is paying, so no reason not to add. There is no charge back on cash deposit at a bank account, and if I am not mistaken no charge back possible on SEPA transfers within the EU.

It needs to be a quasi global platform if you want to have liquidity, people in global regions where there are not capital flight controls such as EU, US, Canada can trade with each other, its perfectly normal to make payments from the USA to EU and within the EU with no issues.

I have a created a SEPA account on “created new account” under “accounts” and its still wont let me buy from a seller with SEPA account on another country, and its strange because I selected all the countries when creating he account. This way there will never be liquidity. I am out for now, I will test back in a few month when you have made it more global. Nice idea, but its still too limited.

I would like it