Trading Amazon eGift cards

Have you traded Amazon eGift cards for bitcoin? How did the fiat side of the trade go for you?

I’m considering trying this payment method, but I’m not sure whether it will be easy or obnoxious to break a trade into multiple gift cards.

I’d also like to know if you left the message field blank on the eGift card, or put a generic message in, since bisq wiki suggests either action.

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I have done so. It was straight forward. Able to make payment using a credit card which was nice.

I used a generic message such as congratulations and chose an according card design.

Thanks, @pazza.

I’ve now tried it, and the fiat (Amazon eGift card) side is super-frustrating. I’m locked out of my Amazon account, as the attempt to buy a single $100 eGift card somehow triggered Amazon’s fraud-detection algorithms. I’ve called Amazon’s customer service three times, and each time they were unable to tell me specifically why my attempts to buy a eGift card were blocked. The last time they said I would receive an email within 2 hours in which I could approve the eGift card purchase, however, in the mean time I received another email from Amazon customer service saying they had disabled my account because they believed someone had unauthorized access.

I may simply end up loosing some (or all?) of my bisq security deposit, though I had know idea that Amazon would prevent me from purchasing the eGift card.

So, for anyone who’s tried this payment method successfully, I’d love to hear how the Amazon eGift card side of the trade went.

I’m also curious, if there’s an established best-practice here, that we could clarify on this payment method in the bisq wiki so others don’t end up with failing trades like mine. I’d be happy to synthesize any feedback folks give here so it can be put in the wiki.