Trading and user payment details

I noticed a recent change to how Bisq trading is working, specifically I saw in my last trade that the Acocunt name for both the Seller and Buyer is now being revealed in the payment details once a trade is accepted. It use to just have the bank account details but not the name of the account holder, why the change?, I think this affects privacy right??

Also, I have read some other posts that talk about users building a reputaion profile based on number of successfully completed trades etc. Are there plans to enable a seller to review a buyers profile before accepting the trade? As a seller I would welcome the opportunity to vet any proposed buyer and review their profile before deciding if I want to trade with them?

I wasn’t aware of the change and cannot tell you why it was done. Maybe to avoid confusion. You are supposed to use your real name anyway. The only person you share your information with is your trade partner.

Afaict this has been talked about since the beginning of Bisq (Bitsquare). Reputation systems have risks and weaknesses and add to complexity.
It’s an ongoing discussion and a rep system might be introduced some day.

That being said, it’s not really needed for Bisq trading as the trade process is supposed to be trustless. The only real gain I’d see is confidence in Bisq for unsavy users.

I assume this was to protect from certain types of scams where the attacker tricks the victim to send money to the Bisq seller as a payment for some fake service. Then when the victim finds out he was scammed, he could report it to police which could lead to troubles for the seller, while the attacker got his payment in bitcoins.

With the name as a requirement, it could make it harder for the attacker as he needs to ask the victim that as well, which could cause suspicion in the eyes of the victim.

I guess that might be it, as it was mentioned before somewhere, but it could be some other reason that I am unaware of.