Trading DAI on Bisq

Trading the DAI stablecoin is as easy as making and taking some offers.

I tweeted a video showing you how to add DAI to your list of available currencies Bisq.

If you want to take some profit from Bitcoin, but you don’t want to risk high volume with your bank or money transfer service, stablecoins like DAI are a great option.

DAI is available to trade, but it might not be in your list of available currencies by default.

You have to add it by going to Settings–>Preferences–>Add Altcoin from the dropdown.

There are currently some offers up, but if you want to see more volume, make some offers.

Happy Trading!


What wallet do you recommend for a Trezor one?
I haven’t used ETH very much.

Is trezor not your wallet?

I use metamask.

Your ETH address is the same address used to receive other ETH-based tokens including erc20 tokens like DAI.

I am not familiar with Trezor but if it can generate a public address for ETH, you should be able to use that same address for tokens.