Trading from India


I’ve newly signed up from India and I would like to buy BTC either in INR or USD. However I found the current setting up of an account to be quite confusing for a new user like me. Can you please guide me or point me to a tutorial that explains how to buy BTC as a user from India, in either of INR or USD?

To be more specific, here are the things that I found to be confusing with the application:

  1. (See attached screenshot) During account set up, there is NO mention of bank account number, however there are other things to be mentioned such as email, account owner full name, SWIFT code, Branch no, IBAN etc.

So how would I be able to transfer money without giving my bank account number? (Sorry if the question is too basic)

  1. My bank has IBAN only for EUR, and for USD they don’t refer to it as IBAN, but they have a different clearing code that looks like FED XXX XXXXXXXXX. In case I’m making a purchase in USD, can I still use that code in the form field that says IBAN? Or do I have to set the account for EUR instead?

  2. As a buyer, can I not reserve INR or USD for escrow instead of BTC?

I’ve gone through the videos on vimeo already but I’m still trying to figure out how to use it. Mainly, what I don’t know is how to set up the bank account for trade as a user from India.