Trading in Ethereum base and Fiat

Bitcoin’s fees and txn time are insanely high that I’m no longer interested in trading in bitcoin.

As Ethereum is becoming a popular cryptocurrency along with the great development for speed and low fees, why is there not an option for Bisq to let users trade in Ether/Fiat pairs via Zellie and bank transfer? It will clear the transactions much faster and less fees.


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Bisq already supports some base currencies other then BTC, mainly Litecoin and Dash.
I am not sure why Ethereum wasn’t added, but I assume it is because it causes more of development effort and devs decided to focus on other features at the moment.

Also, Ethereum had a lot of problems in the past with security of multisignature transactions, so that might also be a reason why it wasn’t given the priority in development.

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Yes, I noticed of Dash and Litecoin a few months back and wanted to use it. But the problem is that those coins are not as popular as Bitcoin and Ether, so not many buyers & sellers there.

There is probably bigger volume on these base currencies now when fees are high.

We added those coins which are similar to Bitcoin and have BitcoinJ implementations. Others like Ethereum would require a lot of engineering effort. But if anyone works on that we are happy to add it.

Namecoin will be added as soon they have P2SH support.