Trading L-BTC on bisq

Just setting up everything to trade L-BTC on bisq following the guides on Blockstream.

I also have setup a Blockstream Green wallet to get a L-BTC address to receive my funds.

Following the guide (Item 3 Set Up an L-BTC Payment Method) just tell me to just “Click SAVE NEW ACCOUNT, and click I UNDERSTAND.”

Here I am getting confused. Before saving and check the I Understand box there is a clear warning in a pop-up screen, which goes as follows:

Blockquote When receiving L-BTC for a trade on bisq you cannot use the mobile Blockstream Green wallet app or a custodial/exchange wallet

Does the warning mean I cannot use any L-BTC address from my Blockstream wallet?

To be clear the Blockstream wallet is installed on my desktop. Is this warning only for the mobile version of the Blockstream green wallet?

Please advise.

Depending on wether you’re buyer or seller, you might need to provide proof of payment by providing the blinding key, which is a feature not available yet at Green Wallet.

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