Trading Takes Far To Long

It is way to easy for a trader to put up a trade and then only fulfill their end of the trade if BTC moves in their favor against the alt coin they are trading against.

I have 2 BTC stuck in limbo for 24 hours while XMR (the payment) dropped a little so that I pretty much lost $150 bucks. It is too easy a tactic to open trades as hedges against their own positions. Are there any mechanisms to help with this? There should be an option that allows traders to set a time limit that is far less than 24 hours.

24 hours trade limit has been introduced just recently.
1 hour trade limit has been introduced just recently.
Precisely to deal with this kind of issue.

If you have good arguments to propose to have even shorter limits,
this is what the
repo is made for.

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Thank you. I will have to look into make a suggestion over there. It is very concerning to have so much money on limbo and in the hands of an arbitrator now because somebody did not finalize a trade.

Especially as a first trade it kind of sucks.

If you select Altcoins Instant the trade window is 1 hr. If it takes longer the arbitrator will likely award you the deposit of the other trader.

I did not even realize that was an option. Thank you

Sorry for the mistake in my previous post.

Each trader puts down a deposit so if they indeed did not pay in 24 hours, you get that a reward for the lost opportunity cost. But as i see it XMR has gone up in the last 24 hours so works out in your favor today but maybe not tomorrow, it is random and something we have to deal with with a 24 hour trade window