Transaction cancelled after confirming

Hello, I tried to buy GRIN for BTC, after I woke up, I saw that trade started and transaction had 155 confirmations(now even more), and when I checked the grin wallet, it said that transaction is still going. For some reason I didn’t think about about that and confirmed the trade. After i restarted the wallet, it showed that transaction was cancelled. Transaction id is 8eee30f5-1559-4d0e-b7e0-dfa4e3d1d90d. Trade id is vwibmk-7b798738-3612-416c-9207-da05af060ec4-093. I spent 0.1 BTC, and would want to know if there is any chance that I can get my GRIN or BTC back.

If you can open a dispute, it is possible.
Try opening a dispute with cmd+o and let the arbitrator know.

Sorry, I don’t understand what you mean.

Please, I really need help, 0.1 BTC is a big amount of money for me, and I don’t want to lose it like that.

Click on that trade in your Bisq client and press that little windows button on your keyboard (cmd) and press “o” at the same time. That is cmd+o.

That should open a dispute and you should be able to talk to the arbitrator. If it doesn’t work try following the deposit tx in a block explorer to see where your BTC is now. If they are still in a multisig (the address starting with 3) then we need to contact the arbitrator here.

Nothing happens when I try to do this combination sadly.

Oh, and this is the address that my BTC were sent to. I seems to me that they’re not anymore. Does that mean that nothing can be done already? Or is there still some hope?

Ok, for some reason I just saw that a new transaction took place for the same amount of GRIN, so now everything is fine. Really strange.

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Not sure how GRIN works, but seems like both users need to be online.
Perhaps the seller went offline for a while and came back later.
I don’t know :slight_smile:

For GRIN transactions,
both buyer and seller wallets must be in “listen” mode.

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Same issue.

Grin transactions have 3 stages:

  1. Sender sends transaction slate
  2. Receiver receives transaction slate and send response
  3. Sender uses response to finalize the transaction
  • For IP:Port transactions, both sender and receiver have to be online, but only the receiver’s grin wallet has to be in listen mode.
  • For grinbox address transactions (wallet713) both users don’t have to be online at the same time. However, the grin receiver needs to run listen in order to receive the transaction slate and then automatically send the response. Once the sender opens their wallet713 and runs ‘listen’, they receive the response and finalized the transaction. In other words, the transaction is not finalized until both the receiver runs their grinbox in listen to send the reposnse and the sender opens their grinbox in listen after to finalize the response. @tukanoid, in your case it seems the transaction didn’t confirm until the grin sender came online and finalized the transaction slate response.

In my case, a support ticket has been opened (sender never finalized response) but no arbitrator has showed up yet. How do I resolve this?

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Please tell us the onion address of the arbitrator for this trade, and we’ll ping him.

If it’s been more then 24h since the ticket is open, please do as Homrad says and share his onion address with us.

Thank you kindly @Homard, I already got it and pinged him.

Likewise @alexej996