Transaction failure


 I am posting in the hopes someone might be able to offer me some troubleshooting suggestions. I am currently in a trade which is stuck. I am the BTC seller as maker and I have received the fiat payment for the trade. When I try to confirm payment receipt all I keep receiving is a warning message saying "sending message to your trading partner failed". I am running BISQ 1.3.4

There is an error message which shows the following:
An error occurred at task: SellerSignAndFinalizePayoutTx
Exception message: org.bitcoinj.core.ScriptException: P2SH script execution resulted in a non-true stack.

So far I have tried:

  1. restarting the BISQ application however the problem persists.
  2. I have asked my trading partner if they are able to refresh the trade status, they are unable to see the button on their end.
  3. I have opened mediation to explain the above. The mediator has suggested that I upgrade my BISQ version. I am hesitant to do this as I have other trades in progress and several open offers. I am under the impression if I upgrade in this state it could create problems.

Does anyone have any troubleshooting advise? Would it be safe to upgrade with my current trades in progress? If I can conclude all my other trades and un-enable my open offers, would it then be safe to upgrade?

many thanks for your time

I was going to tell you to upgrade and open mediation if this doesn’t work, but your careful approach makes sense. You can wait to complete other trades and stop open offers before upgrading.
The most important is that you make a backup so you can go back to the current state.

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Thank you for your reply MnM, I have since updated my BISQ version but unfortunately the problem persists. I am liaising with the mediator on keybase, hopefully a solution will be found