Transaction halted

So, I wanted to sell around $100 worth of BTC via Zelle. I went through and clicked the “move funds from BISQ wallet” like normal … and I did and it took the funds and the escrow deposit but it never started the blockchain confirmation part next like it always does.

Now it is sitting here in limbo and the buyer is asking me why I am not progressing my side of the trade?

Any suggestions? I can literally click nothing and cannot find a way to create a ticket for this order.
This wiki page can help you to verify if the deposit transaction has the first confirmation, which is the mandatory step to proceed with a trade.
If the deposit transaction is ok and you still have problems, maybe a spv resync will solve this issue.

If you need to provide screenshots or trade ID, which is personal info, proceed to Keybase support channel and we’ll DM you.

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