Transaction ID Error after Empty Wallet

Hi there,

i tried to transfer my bitcoins temporarily to another wallet. Therefore I choose empty wallet. I saw topics talking about long confirmation periods, but I think in my case the transaction did not get created, and so the transaction will not take place?!. When I got to“mytransactionId” an “Error - Not Found” is displayed. So I am wondering if this is a bug or if I just have to wait for to create the transaction.


I did check all my current wallet adresses in bitsquare, unfortunatelly there are 4 of them, and I was able to check the balance on tradeblock. So the coins are still sitting there and the sum is matching, what I have had before I tried to transfer all at once. But the available funds that bitsquare displays is 0.0

I just discovered a bug with the tx fee when using the “empty wallet” tool. it will use only the min. tx fee which will cause very long delays until it gets confirmed.
The tx might be not relayed by some full nodes if the fee is very low. Easiest is atm to wait a few days if the tx make it into the blockchain, if not I will assist you how to do a double spend. PM me or email me in a few days if needed.

Forgot to mention, that I was going to update bitsquare, so that was with version v0.4.9.8
But thanks! Will do so