Transaction id in "open trades" differs from the one used, stuck on "waiting for confirmation"

new to bitsquare, and i guess i did something wrong: wanted to sell btc (small amount for starters, 0.1btc) so i took an offer listed. sent the amount including fees with my external wallet (electrum) to the address provided from bitsquare. the transaction is listed in electrum with some confirmations now, BUT the “trade process” under the corresponding trade id is stuck on “wait for blockchain confirmation” with a whole different transaction id than the one i see in electrum (which was provided via “open external wallet” from bitsquare).

i guess those 0.1btc are “lost in space” now, sent to a nonexistent (wrong) address, and bitsquare will cancel the transaction in a few days because i didn’t send the bitcoins (to the address where they were expected), right? :expressionless: or is there anything i could do now?

(can provide actual transaction-ids on request …)

never mind - confirmation seems to have gone through (to bitsquare) now.

though i actually do find this a bit confusing, - that i’m not sure “why” it was confirmed despite the different transaction ids - tbh. :slight_smile: anyway …

“with a whole different transaction id than the one i see in electrum”:
That is ok because your wallet creates internally first the trade fee payment tx and then the deposit multisig tx. You can see all txs in the funds/tx screen.
No worry, no BTC was ever lost (> 1000 BCT traded so far).
If there are any issues u will get a button displayed for opening a dispute and the arbitrator (me atm) will check the case.