Transaction incomplete / Mediation not progressing

Please help. I have a transaction which could not proceed due to fiat funding problems (I’m the seller of BTC). Consequently my BTC is still locked in a Bisq transaction. When the transaction’s 4-day trade window expired I openned a Mediation request. Mediation has now been open 17 days, but there has been no resolution. I’m asking for the transaction to be aborted. I’m not getting any replies from either Buyer or Mediator through Bisq chat.

What can I do when neither the Mediator nor the Buyer are responding to my Bisq chat messages?

Is there some way for another Mediator to take over this case?

How can I get my BTC unlocked? I have bills to pay.

The total lack of response by either party has me questioning my continued use of Bisq, which has until this last transaction always been completely satisfactory over the 457 days I’ve been using it. But if there is risk of BTC being locked up with no resolution, I won’t be using it anymore.

FYI TradeID: 3175798-6275eed1-7cbb-48cc-881b-8e23a9c9ae8b-136

There’s a solution, please go to Keybase to talk directly to your mediator. That lack of response is not good, usually is due to missed messages on the Bisq P2P network.

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