Transaction not broadcast (1.5.0) and coins locked

Hi long time Bisq trader, first problem couldn’t solve on my own:

Started a trade as taker selling my BTC for maker’s XMR, but BTC coins never broadcast - TxID showed no activity.

Didn’t know what else to do so I rebuilt/resync’d SPV after a few hours and now the TxID has disappeared after restart. Both transactions for fees for maker and taker appear as normal. My BTC has returned to “available balance”, but funds are “locked”

In the logs I found

Dec-04 13:35:27.921 [JavaFX Application Thread] WARN  b.c.b.w.TxBroadcaster: Broadcast of tx [txid removed] not completed after 5 sec.

How do I either complete the trade or get my funds back?

I should add that as of this writing, the trade is over 24 hours old, but has not been moved to “Failed” yet.

nothing? am i in the wrong place?

You’re not in the wrong place, but probably a faster reply would have been given at Keybase.

It’s not clear to me if your funds are available or still locked.

To send the tx to failed, you must be able to push a red at the top right of your trade on open offers. Make your window as big as possible because sometimes is hidden.
There’s a bug where this is not displayed at all. In that case go to Keybase further steps.

Thank you for the response.

I expanded Bisq (1.5.0) window to full 4K resolution and didn’t see any reds at the top right to send tx to failed. Every time I select the transaction I get a modal “The deposit transaction is null. You can move the trade to failed trades.” but nothing more.

As far as next steps, again… just utterly eviscerated by confusion and panic having “misplaced” someone else’s money.

Keybase. Github. Reddit.

Pardon my frustration but which servers do what?

I’d recommend updating to 1.5.1 hotfix. Make a backup first of course.

Hopefully that update will resolve this issue for you :slight_smile:

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Thank you I installed the 1.5.1 update.

Unfortunately it does not fix the issue, and I still find no way to move the trade to “failed”. It just sits, throwing modal complaints about how I should move the trade to failed.

Subsequent smaller trades have worked as normal.

A PR is being tested to send failed trades to failed tab and unlocking the btc.

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