Transaction not found on

I attempted withdrawing BTC 4 days ago with a low fee and I see it wasn’t a good time to do that.

My question is when will the BTC show in my Bisq wallet again? The transaction has not been found on Blockstream for a few days now so I was expecting to see it by now. I have deleted SPV and resynced twice now, but no change.

There have been similar threads on this forum recently. Go through them and you may find an answer.

Yep I did but didn’t see anything related to when it would show in my wallet again.

I may be wrong, but if you can’t find the transaction on any explorer then it probably wasn’t broadcast.

The fees are 94 sat/byte atm. Record high.
So many users will have to wait.
I’m afraid that when such situations happen, many try to escape the bottleneck by doing additional transactions … and this in turn only adds more to the mempool.

if it’s still in the mempool then shouldn’t i be able to see it on Blockstream? and if it’s not on Blockstream then doesn’t that mean it dropped out of mempool and should be showing back in my Bisq wallet?

You can try withdrawing your BTC with cmd+e.

If that doesn’t work, you can always export your BTC private keys from Bisq. As long as you close all your open trades and offers, there shouldn’t be any issues in withdrawing those funds from another Bitcoin wallet.