Transaction not in mempool

I was hoping if anybody could help me out or maybe experiences similar problems with this. Recently I bought btc with Bisq (V1.1.1) and I wanted to move them to my Bitcoin Core full node (0.18.0).

However, the transaction has a transactionID and in the node it is currently noted as pending and unconfirmed, but it does not show up in the mempool or on (The TXID is: a548d9624aff2af13ad412de213aa6df51da23fb80c5c2eecfbdb587529fdf89)

Currently, Bisq states that it has 9 P2P network peers and that 2 peers have seen the transaction and the node has 9 active connections. I have done this before, so I think it may be an issue after updating either Bisq or Bitcoin Core.

I have used a low transaction fee (1 sta/byte), but I this shouldn’t prevent the transaction from showing up in the mempool.

Does anybody know what is the reason for this? Any help is appreciated!

most nodes dont propagate 1sat/byte transaction so it takes much longer.

you can see the transaction at

you just need to wait a very long time.

Bitcoin Core nodes have a minimum relay fee of 1 sat/byte by default.
As GOran said, this could be the case.

You can use cmd+e to withdraw your coins again after setting a little bit higher fee.