Transaction problems. “waiting for blockchain confirmation” Could any mediator help to solve this bug?

Hi, I’m not able to see the transfer data from the seller and to transfer the fiat money. Some days passed and the Bisq persist showing “waiting for blockchain confirmation”, because of that, I’m not able to see the transfer informations.
Me and the second part have checked on the blockchain explorer and the transaction was confirmed, but like I said I can’t trasfer his money because of this bug.
After the new update to the version 1.5.0 on Manjaro linux through the AUR repositories, I did a successful transaction. This one which bugs was the second one.
And the remaining negociation time is not running, It was a SEPA transfer account which should take at 6 days tops and like I said, it passed some days and still showing 6 days remainig for the negotiation time.

The 6 day trading period starts once Bisq detects that the first confirmation of the deposit tx is reached.
You should look at a blockchain explorer if the deposit tx is already confirmed or it doesn’t. If the blockchain explorer doesn’t find your tx, it must be a failed trade.

If your trade is already confirmed on your explorer, do a spv resync.

For quicker and more detailed support, please go to keybase.

It was confirmed on the blockchain.
I delete the SPV file like you said, I follow the tutorial and I was able to go ahead. I’ve trasnfered the money now, on the last day of the transaction course and now I’m wating for the second part to send me the btc.
Thanks for you help, it realy helps.
Thank you once more.

Also experiencing this bug as the buyer for first time after update to 1.5.1