Transaction rejected, reason 'dust'

Bisq gave me the warning below. Can anybody tell me what it means? Has it anything to do with a ‘dust attack’?

A transaction was rejected from the network.
reason ‘dust’ (64)

note that above the XXXX shows a tx number in the real warning.

update: Bisq gives me the warning everytime i start bisq. Also bisq notifies that connection to bitcoin mainnet is failed. Is that connected to the warning?

thanks for the reply.

It helped me to delete the SPV files and resynchronize.

Go to:
Settings> Network info> Delete / Resave SPV files

Thanks, that worked!
however, do you know what the error was about ?

I’m running into this same issue. I deleted the SPV files, resynced, and retried the buy transaction, and still had the tx get rejected for the dust reason.

Any other ideas?

Hi what are you trying to do?

  1. Take/make an offer
  2. Withdraw from the Bisq wallet
  3. Other

Tried to create a new offer to buy