Transaction Still Stuck In Mempool. Stuck With Zero Confirmations & “4 Days, 0 Hours, 0 Minutes Remaining” For HOURS!


So I was trying to sell my bitcoin and the trade’s been stuck the ENTIRE night. Now it’s several hours later and as if the trade just started.

I finally took a mediator’s (fairly vague) advice about the “emergency wallet” payment. It doesn’t make a difference. The transaction’s still pending and my buyer isn’t able to purchase my bitcoin because there are NO confirmations and the timer doesn’t budge at all! Wtf am I supposed to do??

Hey, that’s a strange one. The trade hasn’t prograssed at all? Can you DM me the deposit tx id?

I assume the buyer has not sent the payment?

It’s still been stuck. Was losing faith in Bisq so I tried to move all my funds that are out of Bisq’s escrow system into bitcoin core wallet. On bitcoin core transaction still hasn’t hit 1 confirmation and mempool doesn’t recognize the TXID. This really sucks :frowning: .