Transaction stuck due to low fee

Greetings all,
I usually don’t bother people with my issues and research things myself, but after being stuck for days I don’t know what to do. I wanted to send 0.0034 BTC to an external wallet, saw the recommended fee which would have left me with the third of funds gone, and lowered the fee manually. Unfortunately, the transaction has been stuck for almost 6 days now. What can I do? I heard you could double spend or CPFP but I can not find a way to do it within BISQ interface. Any help would be appreciated.
This is the transaction in question

I just accelerated it for you. It should get confirmed quickly.
If not, you will still be able to do CPFP using your external wallet.


Thank you very much!
Sometimes I forget that this whole criptocurrency community started due to a good cause, and was made by good people. Wish you a lot of luck, and happy New Year everyone!


You are the best moderator in cryptoland ;-)! Happy new year!

Haha, thanks Manfred! Happy new year!

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i have the same problem with two tx which stucks since ~mid january.

tx fee was set to lowest possible at the time 2 sat/vB, because i wasn´t in hurry. bisq shows me an tx id and show me the unconfirmed tx ( other explorers doesn´t show it anymore)

so i put the seed in electrum, but there are not all the txs like it should, only till mid december ´20 and so my stucking txs are not visible ?? and also shows me an incorrect zero balance

ok i figured out, i´m missing the segwit addresses, i made a new wallet with the derivation path 44’/0’/1’ for segwit, and now i see my segwit adressess :slight_smile:

and the 2 withdrawals are even not shown in electrum, the coins are still in the wallet??

what should i do now best, also to not damage my bisq account??

i would be very happy, for any advice for getting this tx confirmed.

Not confirmed transactions are removed from mempools, Bisq can “forget” them through a SPV resync.
You don’t need to expose your seed to Electrum to solve this issue.

thy for your answer, but when will the tx be removed from mempool ?? my two tx are still there since mid january, and also i tried to resync the spv file and bisq don´t forget it, txs are still there only with new date