Transaction stuck in blockchain with 621 sat/Byte fee

My trade is hanging for 15 hours now to complete its first step: waiting for blockchain confirmation. It is the txId ade89bd23762ac493a117cc15b795538f3dee390b55520360f311ee0e4f04a7d.

It is my first trade on Bisq and Idk but isn’t it a fault of the client software that makes bad estimates about the required fee?

I see that this transaction is now confirmed:

Well, after almost 23 hours! My bigger concern is if I have to experience such a delay frequently. I think the client software is not so good in estimating tx fees. Am I wrong?

Bisq is using a popular fee estimation service at (former
Fee estimation is hard however as it is always just an estimate and never an exact number.
Bitcoin had very turbulent times with transaction congestions these days.