Transaction stuck plz help

Hello, I have the problem that when clicking on “Payment made” it doesn’t accept it and just says " Please send the confirmation again". I already restarted bisq multiple times but is still stucks at this step and I can’t confirm that I made the sepa transaction. Version I use is 1.5.0.
Do you have a solution to this or what can I do to go on with the trade?

How’s your connection to the network? are you using your own node or provided bitcoin nodes?

Seem’s like a communication issue.

I use standard settings and (for now) not my own node. Updated bisq some days ago and never had this problem before. My internet connection is pretty good (1gbit/s).
Should I change some settings?

Sometimes it accepts it when I press the button multiple times but then suddenly after like 30 mins switches back again to step 2 “Make payment”

Really That is very strange. Let me investigate!

Actually can you restart your entire PC? let’s see if that helps.

Yes I already restarted my pc (ubuntu 20.04.1 lts) but the problem stays the same.

Have you reached out to your trading peer to see if he has received any message or if his trade status has changed?

I wrote him a message explaining the problem but it says “message in his postbox” and he hasn’t answered yet. I don’t even know if he really got the message or if it is also stuck somewhere

It just switched back to step 3 from step 2 and then suddenly switches back again to step 3 really strange

I believe that means he shut off his Bisq. Your message still gets sent but is stored until he reopens.

I’ll try and get you a solution. Bare with me.

Ok thank you for the help

Make sure you’re already both on v1.5.
If you are, it would be appreciated to go to Keybase to share the necessary information to fix this issue.

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Think we are both on 1.5.0 otherwise the trade wouldn’t be possible from the beginning I think?
Also explained the issue on keybase.

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I have exactly the same problem

No need to worry, the trade will finish anyways. This is only a Glitch in the User interface but your trading partner is receiving the confirmation.

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