Transactions stuck due to software error

I also received cash for BTC but cannot release due to "waiting for payment started. These are IDs: UztIH and fbxxzgp
I don’t know how to start dispute to move things along without waiting for time period to expire.
I feel like this is a major bug considering the volatility of BTC. I feel sorry for my buyers!

I’m the arbitrator on fbxxzgp. We’ll get it worked out, and I’m double-checking with the buyer now to see whether they clicked ‘payment started’ or not. It’s possible that there is a bug or networking issue here, but it could also be a usage problem.

Great, thank you. I have a third one now with the same problem. It’s VDXABXP. I opened tickets for all three.
Can you explain the difference in the symbols in the chat box? Under the message to you I have a blue check mark, under my message related to UtzIH I see a blue envelope and my message concerning VDXABXP, I see nothing.

I am not the arbitrator for VDXABXP. @ManfredKarrer can probably comment there. Regarding the icons under arbitration chat messages, the check mark means that the recipient’s Bisq client has actually received the message; the envelope means that the message has been broadcast to the peer-to-peer network, but that the recipient’s client has not yet retrieved it, probably because they are not online. I am not certain what it means when there is no icon, and have wondered the same. Perhaps @ManfredKarrer can comment on that as well.

In any case, I’ll follow up with you on fbxxzgp in the app. Thanks.

Thank you for your help and quick response. All transactions are finalized.

That is a bug :wink: