Transactions that won't confirm still on balance

I made two transactions to Bisq wallet that won’t get any confirmation. Indeed, one of them must display double spending attempt, as the coins have been spent already. I waited for them to confirm before creating any sell offer so there’s not a problem with any trade in progress, but they are still on my displayed balance after a few restarts and more than 5 days after they were transmitted.
I’m afraid that if I create an offer funded from internal founds, Bisq will try to use this unconfirmed transactions so I need a way to forget these transactions.

At the moment, I’m facing the high fees issue creating and funding sell offers from an outside wallet and, once the offer is created, I go offline while the transactions gets one confirmation. This avoids that someone picks an offer which tx is not going to confirm and also avoids using the previously mentioned not confirmed transactions.

Try deleting your SPV file and resyncing. You can do this in Settings -> Network Info.