Transfer to external wallet problem

I completed a btc purchase but upon attempting to transfer btc purchased from Bisq to my personal wallet bisq sends me “The fees for that transaction exceed the available funds or the resulting output value is below the minimum dust value. Missing”, and the amount stated to be missing is the proceeds of my btc purchase. I’m using version 1.2.9. Any help appreciated.

Hey, there is a dust limit when sending transactions. If the remaining change after sending the transaction is less then 0.0000546 bitcoin then it will fail as this is the dust limit threshold, essentially it would leave you with an output that is unspendable due to the cost of actually mining such a small tx (not worthwhile).

For a better explanation:

Just try to resend the transaction again. It should work. Let me know if it doesn’t.


Also consider choosing “The amount includes the mining fee”, in the FUNDS > SEND FUNDS screen.

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Thanks Everyone, I solved the problem following huey"s advice to include the mining fee in Funds>Send Funds.