Transfer with same bank, incomplete information

Some banks in the U.S. have account-to-account (A2A) transfers (i.e., within same bank).

For example, using my online bank, Simple (dot) com, I can send for free to any other Simple accountholder. Transfer as little as $1, but there are daily and monthly upper limits:

It’s instantly available to the recipient, thus better than ACH.

I would assume for Bisq this is supposed to be set up through “Transfer with same bank” payment method. But as far as I know, all I have is the recipient’s email address … which I’ve added as a contact. Thus I do not have their account number (at least, I don’t think so. I don’t know anyone else with a Simple(dot)com account to test against yet.)

I know I used to have A2A capability with my USAA account as well, and there I think I did have the other person’s account number, but I cannot remember now.

Is there a way I could accommodate adding a National currency account for this A2A method that my Simple(dot)com account allows?

That’s strange the the bank only supports the same bank transfer by email. If there are many users for that Bank we could add it as a custom payment method, but we cannot add for each bank a payment method…