Transferring out of Bisq - 20 hours still 0 conf

Can anyone help me figure out why it’s been stuck at 0 for 20+ hours? Thanks.

The miner fee for that transaction is ridiculously low. It doesn’t even have 1 satoshi per byte. I believe that a wallet like Bitcoin Core wouldn’t even give you an option for a transaction that low. I am not sure that most of the network even relays that transaction, it probably just deletes it when it receives it as it will never get confirmed.

You might want to try CPFP method if you own the receiving address or just do a double spend and send the transaction again with the appropriate fee.

I just did a standard bisq transfer, didn’t give me an option to change the fee. The standard fee in bisq settings were 150. How can I cancel and redo it?

Actually I read it wrong. The fee is about 40 satoshis a byte. That is still low however. To be honest, it will probably get confirmed eventually, so if you are not in a hurry then you can just wait. CPFP is the best method to pump up the fees for a transaction, you can read more about it here

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thanks for your help!