Transferwise as payment method on Bitsquare


I see that now is possible to send BRL to USD using
Do you think is possible to implement transferwise on Bitsquare?


You can send money to North Korea or the Moon if there is a counter party. And actually without giving up control of your funds and privacy when you send funds to a government regulated/supervised/legalized institution.
That they need/have a government license tells you its still too expensive! Best

I already looked into transferwise like two days ago. Basically it should be possible to implement as they have the same chargeback rules as sepa payments. In fact, they don’t do chargebacks but in case of fraud they ask the involved banks to do it.

In general I support a conservative approach to implementing payment processors as security is one of bitsquares highest principles.

Implementing transferwise would have a funny twist to it as they dramatically stopped processing money to bitcoin exchanges.

One could think about a spread oder book that does whole trip fiatX-btc-fiatY at once. But first get the launch done, bugs fixed, design improved and ORDER BOOKS FILLED. One can have the greatest ideas if nobody knows about it or uses it … So spread the word about Bitcoin and Bitsquare!!

Liquidity providers at the (centrally organised) exchanges and clients that need BTC will thank you. Best

Transferwise might be interesting but needs someone who checks out all the details.


I’m from Brazil and I can test buying bitcoin from someone reliable.

Where are you from Manfred?

I am in Barcelona, but I don’t have time to investigate payment methods atm. Hopefully others here can help!

Leo, what is your concern? In any way Manfred is the arbiter. Or you do you look for a better price, certain amount or worried about the timing…
Can offer Ok Pay, Perfect Money, Swiss National Bank transfer. Preferred currency Euro, USD or CHF.


no same currency exchange/transfer

looks expensive. for example 3.29€ for sending 1GBP which equals 1,28634 EUR according to

transferwise ask for

full name
date of birth
phone #
full adress

bank details

I’ll add the information to the shared docs tomorrow.

Hi alf,

I would like to test transferwise with you. If you accept test, I can buy some bitcoins from you.
My email is leodocosta gmail