TransferWise asking buyer name and last name

I received an email from TransferWise for a EUR transaction saying they’ve suspended an incoming payment from someone (a buyer) for a sactions review. Then they ask if the sender is a person or a business and they want to know the exactly legal/registered name. Finally they say I have 10 business days to answer or they will decline the transfer request.

I checked the email and the links. It seems legit with short URLs from TransferWise domain and not the suspect scam ones.

Then I called them and apparently was just a lack of information from the buyer when he/she started the transfer. I will answer the email now and late post the results so more Bisq users know how to deal with this situation in the future.


A follow up on their response would be great!

I didn’t receive the payment yet and no other communications from TransferWise. Other transactions, even newer worked fine, but no news from this one. I hope monday it will arrive. I will report here as soon as I have news about it.

I had this happen to me on my first trade with TransferWise. I reached out to the counterparty on trader chat and they provided the info requested (full name and address). Since then all transactions have gone smoothly and I have never been asked for any more details about the counterparty. If I remember, it was a few days from me providing the information till the payment appearing in my account.

Today the timer reached zero. I guess monday it will arrive in my account. The buyer told me they took the money from him.

Done. They sent the money and I released the btc.