Transferwise: using the phone instead of email in Bisq payment account?


Is there a reason why one can’t create a Transferwise account in Bisq using the phone number in place of email? Transferwise’s “Send money to friends” heavily rely on phone contacts synced to the app. Why Bisq doesn’t allow to use the phone as, e.g. with Zelle payment method?

As per the original issue on github: it seems mandatory fields are:
Reference ID

Read through it to see whether there’s a reason. Perhaps you can open an issue on github if you believe phone number should be accpeted

The only mandatory field for adding the Transferwise payment method to Bisq now is email. I wish it were phone/email instead.

This is now resolved :slightly_smiling_face::

Only email is needed.

Phone numbers are not an option as they do not currently work on the web version (only App version) of Transferwise.

This can be revisited if this changes