Transifex trial has ended. String editing seems to be disabled [SOLVED]

Since the German translation is partly very poor (machine translate?) I wanted to help out, but on

there is the message on the top

“This organization’s trial has ended. To keep using Transifex, please ask one of the organization’s administrators to subscribe to a plan.”

And it looks like string editing is disabled.

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@riclas Could you have a look?
We have a free account because we are open source.

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I have just edited and reviewed a string for testing without any issues. that warning should be disregarded.

It is already translated to German, so translator job is done. Now it is just up to the reviewers. I guess as a translator you can not review the strings.

wodry i added you as reviewer for german. now you should be able to review and edit the strings.

Could we change the title of the post to [solved] or something that doesn’t seems like we cannot still work with transifex?

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Yes good point. Thanks!