Translate the site to more languages

We need birsquare in more languages.

It is on the long TODO list. I need a UI dev (JavaFX) first to cover all those things. I need to focus on the DAO next.

I could translate it to spanish, or manage and proof read that process.

Is it only in english right now?

Keep me posted on this.

Yes only english. For the app it will take more time as its quite a bit of effort. Thought the webpage would be nice to have in spanish as well, or at least parts of it. The current wordpress template does not support multi language I assume, so that would require effort form a web dev as well…
So I fear both need to wait a bit until we have more resources.

But maybe short term to get the word out in spanish speaking social media channels might be good.

Hi Manfred,

I’d like to ask you about Ethereum Classic for a possible article on CoinDesk. What’s the best way to contact you?


Michael del Castillo

Hi, by email (…